Clark System Support

It is without reservation that I offer this letter of recommendation for Steve Clark and Clark Systems Support, LLC.

Over the past several months, Mr. Clark has upgraded, reconfigured or replaced eight desktop computers, one server and a laptop computer for us. He has also set up and monitored our e-mail, DSL access account, and internal network, as well as created a website for us. All of this work was performed in a timely, professional manner, with an eye toward increasing our efficiency while at the same time not "breaking the bank."

Mr. Clark has been extremely responsive on the rare occasion that we have a problem or concern, and we have recommended his services to many of our business peers. Mr. Clark's exemplary work ethic and the quality of his work have been a breath of fresh air, as compared to some of the computer support companies and individuals that we have worked with in the past, who were far less dependable and responsive, and more expensive. (Client since 2002)

Ronald D Paul
Ronald D. Paul Companies, Inc.

I wanted to thank you for the time, effort and efficiency you demonstrated in installing our new software package this weekend. While your exemplary service this weekend was not unique in the nine years you have serviced our company, I really felt like it was time that I took a moment to let you know the difference your assistance and expertise makes in the smooth operation of our company.

You have always provided computer support services of the highest caliber, and your response time is impeccable. If we need your service, all we need to do is send an email or pick up the phone and our problems are solved almost immediately. You not only are always available as needed, but you are also diligent about staying informed as our system and needs change. Your resolute dedication to our company is unsurpassed.

Management and personnel have witnessed the countless times your continuous monitoring and maintenance of our systems has averted what could have been crisis situations. Your notifications regarding potential virus threats are received days ahead of other alerts that we receive. As we have upgraded from one software application to another, your concise and informative staff briefings have greatly shorted the "learning curve" we would have had to endure on many occasions.

You have been and continue to be an invaluable asset to our continued success, and I highly recommend you to any entity in need of expert computer support. Thank you again for your help this weekend. (Client since late 90's)

Tricia Tripp

Tripp Financial Consultants

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