Who we are

Steve Clark, Owner
In college, Steve sold computers in the university bookstore and worked on computers at a local repair shop. He began his career in 1991 working for Martin Marrietta. In his spare time, Steve began helping small business owners with their IT needs. In 1997 he started Clark Systems Support. He left his corporate IT position with Marriott in 2001 and began focusing full-time on growing his business. Steve is married and has four children. He enjoys kayaking, fishing, bird watching, home improvement projects and Top Golf.

IT Consulting

​Who's Watching your Network?

Steve works with a wide range of clientele including accountants, attorneys, doctors, funeral homes, government contracts, HVAC companies, insurance agents, mortgage bankers, not-for-profits, real estate agents, restaurants, retail stores and veterinarians.

As a business owner, with corporate IT experience, Steve understands that each business client is unique and therefore their IT systems will need to be designed and scaled to meet their specific business needs. Steve focuses on listening carefully to what his clients want to accomplish. He then provides a custom solution that will achieve these goals in the most cost-efficient manner. Steve does not believe in applying a “one size fits all” service model to each client, he prefers to offer a “needs based” model that best suits the client’s goals. Steve provides IT solutions that will improve business processes and are built to last. This allows clients to focus on their business rather than IT problems.​

Business Associates
Over the years, Steve has established mutually beneficial relationships with subcontractors which has allowed him to expand his services and better meet his client’s needs: